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Nifty Scifi Sounds

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Product Description

Beep, Blip. Skreeowww. Whooooosh. Ziiip!!

This scifi sound fx collection gives you a “construction kit” for adding sound fx to your scifi games, movies, or animations! All files are 16-bit 44.1khz Stereo WAV files for premium audio quality.

Nifty Scifi Sounds contains the following WAV files:

  • 16Blasters.wav
  • 23rdCenturyStapler.wav
  • AlienComputer.wav
  • AlienExamRoom.wav
  • ComputerBeepsLoop.wav
  • ComputerBeepsLoop2.wav
  • GeneratorHum.wav
  • PulseRifle1.wav
  • Shuttle1.wav
  • Shuttle2.wav
  • SloMoWarp.wav
  • SpaceFX.wav
  • Static6.wav
  • UFO1.wav



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