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Sound FX Pak 1

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Product Description

An excellent overall sound kit to have in your animation arsenal!

If you need a variety of sound effects, this is the Pak – you get car crashes, crowds, fire, phones and office sounds, and more!

Sound FX Pak I contains the following:

  • AlienShip.mp3
  • BigLowRumble.mp3
  • CarCrash.mp3
  • CellPhoneRings.mp3
  • CoinSounds.mp3
  • CrowdOutdoors.mp3
  • FireAndRumbleLoop.mp3
  • MotionClick.mp3
  • PhoneCall.mp3
  • Police Communication.mp3
  • SleepingCreatureAwakens.mp3
  • StarshipBridgeSounds.mp3
  • TearAndCrumplePaper.mp3
  • WorkingSounds.mp3





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