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Space Battle Pak

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Product Description

“Captain, we have incoming!”

Continuing the Scifi Series is the Space Battle Pak. This scifi sound fx collection is a construction kit for adding sound fx to your space battle, whether it’s for games, movies, or animations!

Includes explosions, pilot/communication soundbeds, lasers, and more.

The space Battle Pak contains the following WAV files:

  • 3Blasters.wav
  • Attack2.wav
  • Blaster1.wav
  • Blaster2.wav
  • ComputerBeepsLoop3.wav
  • ExplosionWithScream.wav
  • IonCannon.wav
  • Launch.wav
  • Phaser1.wav
  • PulseRifle2.wav
  • Rocketboy.wav
  • ShuttleAttack.wav
  • Static5.wav



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